Filtro de Armónica Activo


Las frecuencias de swicheo de los variadores de velocidad dejan sobre la red eléctrica ruido de alta frecuencia o supra armónicas, las cuales sobre cargar las tarjetas de los equipos electrónicos.

Una tarjeta de 220 voltios, 60 Hz, 1 amperios, experimentara una sobre carga de 10 amperios tan solo con un nivel de ruido de 2.2 voltios a 60 KHZ.




Ventajas de Filtro de Armónica Activo:

  • Protege y alarga la vida de los equipos electrónicos al filtrar el ruido electrico de alta frecuencia.
  • Si en tu instalación tienes variadores de velocidad, tus elementos de control deberán estar protegidos con un filtro EMI en serie.


TDK has been offering a comprehensive range of key components for Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Power Quality Solutions (PQS) for many years.

The rapid development of industry and infrastructure resulted in the increased usage of power electronic loads which demands a highly dynamic response time for reactive power compensation.

Conventional reactive power compensation only with passive components cannot fully meet these conditions, especially when the reactive power requirement is rapidly changing. EPCOS Static Var Generator (SVG) PQvar Series utilizes three levels inverter topology to provide real time response to reactive power requirements.

Static Var Generator (SVG) PQvar™ Series

  • New approach to power factor correction and load balancing
  • Fast response time < 15 ms, with dynamic reaction time less than 50 μs
  • Precise compensation after compensating the target power factor can reach a value of unity
  • Capable of both inductive and capacitive compensation and will avoid under and over compensation issues
  • Minimal loss, better energy efficiency, long-term safe and reliable operation
  • Modular design, compact structure, small footprint, simple operation, easy maintenance

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